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If you are called here you are WELCOME! Come join us as we dance ourselves awake with the evocative soundscapes of local and global musicians in the majestic landscape of Wadi Rum. Together we will gather from the deserts and valleys of the region and from the four corners of the globe to play in the sand, the sun and vibrancy of each other. Let us sink into unity through music, dance, art, workshops, food, being and togetherness.

The Metamorphosis team is collaborating with individuals and communities across the region and the world. Metamorphosis will feature DJs from throughout MENA, Europe, the US and Canada. The intention is to bring various populations together to trance into a unified space as well as musicians sharing identity through music. As the saying goes, you can understand someone better if you walk in their shoes. What would happen if we danced to each other’s music? 

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