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This event is an opportunity for people to gather from across the Middle East, North Africa (MENA) and around the globe in celebration of humanity through music, dance and art. This evolution-themed festival is the manifestation of a dream to gather international and local communities together to celebrate music, dance and art as universal languages, reminding us of our shared capacity to surrender into a force greater than each of us individually - humanity.

We will celebrate the portals of music, dance and art for two nights and three days with various workshops offered during the day. The first night will offer a lineup of electronic music. Electronic music uses modern technology to take people into trance through rhythm. Through the trance of electronic music we can choose to enter a state of unity. The daytime will consist of workshops; think belly dancing, yoga, sound healing, chanting, whirling, spoken word, and intentional movement. The second night will be more relaxed with the ambiance set with traditional, regional music. The second night is designed to give people time to really sink into one another and offer an opportunity for participants to question the illusions of separateness.

Food is an essential part of connection and so food will be sold from the lodge as well as from vendors on site at designated times to encourage attendants to break bread together. Alternative activities such as horseback riding, jeep tours and camel rides will also be available from local partners.

This is not a for-profit endeavor. Metamorphosis is an opportunity to gather community. Therefore, participation will not be dependent on the ability to purchase a ticket. In addition to sales, tickets will be distributed as donation-based, two hundred tickets will be free and distributed to those who send in a 3 minute video to the Metamorphosis team about why you should be a participant and what you have to contribute either before, during or after the event and the last 200 spots will be reserved for partners.

This ticket distribution plan is designed to curate an audience that is invested in participating, not only financially but consciously. Metamorphosis will require each attendee to bring their best and have their best fed by the rest of the gathering. Together we can build something better than the sum of its parts.

This event is called Metamorphosis based on the concept that we are the imaginal cells of the great butterfly, and those of us that can see the future can lead the way into it. 

The surrender of dance can be medicine for the heart and mind. A way to connect to other, outside of speech and language. A culture’s dance and music hold a lot of that culture’s identity and through these portals we can understand each other from the inside out. When we dance to the same music we synchronize heartbeats and when our hearts beat to the same rhythm we can find unity. The continual and repetitive beat of a drum has been used across time and region to gather people into unified trance. It has historically been used as a way to gather people into a shared experience.


Wadi Rum, Jordan a UNESCO World Heritage Site Metamorphosis will be a private event at Beit Ali, a beautiful, humbly luxurious contemporary, Bedioun Camp. Jordan is an amazingly beautiful and an easy place to travel due to the many historical and geographic sites. Jordanians are welcoming, friendly and hospitable, the country is politically stable, and equipped with modern infrastructure. The festival will be developed in a way that adapts to the cultural norms of the region.

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